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A Look At Issues That Make Up The Price of Car Insurance.

Price Of Car Insurance

When you’re buying car insurance, you might be astonished at the price. Sometimes car insurance can be expensive! Especially if you are not a perfect driver, or fit in other categories (explained below) that puts you into a “high risk” group. What are these risk factors, and what can you do about them?   

Male Versus Female

In the contest between male and female, there are many things males will win. Generally, in feats of strength, like lifting weights or arm wrestling, there is no contest – men tend to be stronger. But part of the things that make them male, like the testosterone that courses through their bodies, are also the things that make them a higher risk to insure. Males tend to drive faster and more offensively, and thus are more likely to get into accidents. Insurance companies don’t like accidents, so they charge more for male customers. Sorry, guys!

There’s not really anything you can do about it – if you’re male, you’ll usually have higher priced car insurance. At least until you’re a bit older. 

Age And Experience

If you’re a young driver, your car insurance price quote will be higher. This is because of two factors: First, being young, and second, being less experienced. Both of these factors, taken by themselves, would be enough to make your rates go up. Taken together, as it usually goes, a higher price for car insurance is inevitable. Once you’re a bit older, typically 25, the rate will go down. 

Are You Married?

If you’re a male (or female) and you’re under 25 years of age, but you’re married, lucky you! Your price for car insurance will be less, because studies show that marriage has a way of helping young adults drive more responsibly. 

How's Your Credit?

Some insurance companies check credit before they give you a price for car insurance. While you may not like it if you’ve got bad credit, there is something you can do. Shop for an insurance company that does not pull credit. They are still out there, but a bit harder to find.

Checking Your Driving Record

And, of course, taking a look at your driving record is something all car insurance companies do. They want to know what kind of history you have while driving, so that they know what sort of risk they are taking on when they price your car insurance. The best thing you can do for this aspect of the pricing is to drive more safely! Don’t get in accidents, and don’t cause them. Don’t get citations from the police – most will affect your driving record negatively. Be more careful as a driver, and your record will improve.